Michael The GlitterKing created an art guitar advertising sign for MJ Guitars.

( www.mjguitars.de by Matthias Jabs / The Scorpions )

Open 24 hours on MJ Guitars

32 hours work in total

Matthias Jabs ( The Scorpions ) and the MJ Guitars - Art Guitar


kArt guitar Aria Pro2 created by Michael The GlitterKing



lArt Guitar called "Monaco Pyrate )



Blinged out Epihone guitar - by Michael The GlitterKing


Bling Art on a Fender Guitar

Fender Guitar with covered with crystal stars...designed by Michael The GlitterKing



German Flag Fender Guitar

Customized guitar belt



Hh High gloss effect coatings on guitars by Michael The GlitterKing



LEffect guitar parts. Uli Roth & Michael Schenker signed ... cool collector piece


Epiphone Guitar Design Headstock


Monaco Pyrate Bling Glitter Guitar at MJ Guitars the Music store of Matthias Jabs of the Scorpions

Personalize your Guitar! Call for Michael The GlitterKing!

These are AI generated led Guitars. You can only purchase the photos or video for your advertisment

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What is a Glitter Guitar?

A glitter guitar, also named sparkly or bling guitar, is a guitar that has been decorated with glitter or other shiny,

sparkling, and reflective materials.

This type of guitar is often used for stage performances or concerts,

as it can add an extra element of visual appeal to the performance.

Glitter guitars can come in a variety of colors and designs, and the glitter can be applied using a variety of methods,

including painting, spraying, or adhering the glitter to the surface of the guitar.

The glitter is usually sealed with a clear protective coat to prevent it from flaking or wearing off during use.

Glitter guitars are popular among musicians in many genres, including rock, pop, and country music.



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